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The Cornice
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Cornice by the fireplace

We do all building in our shop out of quality plywood and other materials. We install our work ourselves. We don't Subcontract work out.

Some examples of cornice boards.

These are some of the more recient homes we have done. They are by no means the extent of the work performed but good examples of how the cornice will dress up windows and doors like nothing else.

Remember to click on a picture to see it larger. They are much clearer.

2 room 5 piece ornice job

 This home already knew the beauty of cornices.
We reupholstered the existing lower ones for a small slider, and angled window.
And built all new cornices for the fireplace widows. The client was overwhelmed and loved them.



Trunk corners and nail trimmed cornice board

This straight cornice has Steel Trunk Corners and square style nail trim.



3 piece cornice set

The three of these are all new additions to this great room.
It sure makes the windows warmer feeling and the huge door opening doesn't look so plane and barren anymore.
The doorway was around 15 feet in width.

When fitted between walls (wall to wall) it really makes the window stand out.while hiding all the shade hardware.



Tassel trimmed cornice board

A little hard to see but this straight style cornice has tassels on the bottom edge to dress it up a bit.


 Another preexisting cornice set

These were a reupholstery job. The existing cornices were fine but needed a change in fabric.
The draperies were done by the client after the fact and attached with Velcro that we installed prior to installing the cornices.
The change in color is because of the lighting at different positions.


Nail trim over tape cornice board


Nail trim over tape cornice board

 These two are the same cornice board. Finished with nail trim over a 3/8" tape. Nice finish. Note the dark border that makes the cornice really pop.