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Cornice by the fireplace

We do all building in our shop out of quality plywood and other materials. We install our work ourselves. We don't Subcontract work out.

Cornice boards are the formal attire of a window or doorway.


A cornice is an upholstered ornamental overhang that typically hangs above a window, but can also be found above doors and other decorative elements. Cornices are beautiful accouterments that can add to the elegance of any interior space. A high-quality cornice will hold up year after year with little upkeep other than an occasional vacuuming.


Cornices are typically crafted from a sturdy wood that will withstand the test of time. Our cornices feature a high-quality upholstery fabric to cover them and create an eye-catching detail for the room they are placed in. Cornices are very versatile in that they can be used alone or paired with a shade, curtains, or drapes to complete the window’s look.


Quality Craftsmanship

Unlike some competitors on the market who use cheap materials that ultimately fall apart, our cornices are made using only the finest types of wood and filling. We can design custom cornices in a variety of sizes and designs to fit your needs, and this website contains a few different examples of some of the stunning cornices we have created for clients to give you some inspiration.

ReUpholstery of cornices

While we can offer reupholstery of existing Cornices most are not workable as they are not made strong enough to rework. Any reupholstery will need to be inspected before commitment. The cost is not that much different than all new.