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Cornice by the fireplace

We do all building in our shop out of quality plywood and other materials. We install our work ourselves. We don't Subcontract work out.

How to measure for a cornice board.

 This is not hard.

 *If you are local to Tampa bay Florida area we will be happy to come out and take final measurements before building. The measurements you take here are for estimating purposes.

 If you are not local to the Tampa bay Florida area then these measurements should be taken by someone that is good with measuring and probably your best choice would be the person that will be installing them.

 So with that said please understand if your measurement are wrong the cornice will be wrong so lets make sure we get it right.

 There are three measurements we will need to know. Height width and depth (from wall). Also pictures of the wall would also help to show any protrusions hardware etc.

measuring for a cornise board

 1. With a tape measure , measure the width you want the cornice to be (A). Extend the measurement at least 2" past the window opening if possible. More if wanted. Remember it's always best if the cornice is centered in the area. If this will be wall to wall just measure the total opening. We will make it slightly smaller by 1 inch so it will fit in place.

  • A small issue can be had in a wall to wall. Some walls vary from top to bottom and can even be different in the middle so it is best when taking a wall to wall measurement to measure roughly where the cornice will be. In other words not in the middle of the wall. You may need to get a ladder for this. Be careful.

 2. Measure how tall (height) you would like the cornice board (B). Make it large enough to cover any hardware for shades draperies etc.

  • If you want to have the cornice up to the ceiling make sure it is long enough to cover the hardware if any.
  • Cornices can be up to the ceiling or just above the opening of the window or door.
  • Doors can present another issue make sure the door will not hit the cornice when it opens. Same holds true for swing in windows.

 3. Measure the depth (from the wall) you would like the cornice (C). Average is 4" but this varies depending on protrusions. Add an inch larger that any protrusion like a shade or other hardware.

 That is about it. Write these measurements down and place them in the contact form here.

 Also please let us know what style you like. You can attach a drawing to an email and send it to You can send all this information by email if you would rather.